Gravity Fitness provides a comprehensive approach to the health and well-being of its members with best in class trainers and nutritional counseling. We offer you exciting programs.

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Functional Training

Functional training helps you with various aspects like Injury Prevention by increasing your strength and stability, Developing Real Strength by building muscles to perform recreational tasks, Getting in shape, and Improve your Athletic Performance.

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Cardio helps you Increase exercise tolerance, Reducing weight, Controlling diabetes, reducing blood pressures, reducing good (LDL), reducing bad (HDL), increasing insulin levels.

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Weight Training

With weight training, you are pushing your muscles to work harder and increase the strength of your body. There are many benefits of weight training like improved posture, better sleep, gaining bone density, maintaining weight loss, increasing metabolism, and preventing chronic diseases.

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The program of Musculation helps in increasing muscle mass and bulking. It also helps in maintaining blood level sugars and improves sleep and mental health.

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Personal Training

With Personal training, you will be allotted with a highly experienced Trainer and Personalised Diet. Our trainer will be dedicated to help you and motivate you. By personal training, you will be able to achieve better results and goals.

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Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition package comes with a lot of goodies which help your body be able to train harder and longer, Improves body composition and strength, helps increasing immunity power, and reduces the potential of energy.